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Evading immunosurveillance in endometriosis
10-30-2020 11-26-23 AM.jpg
Fragmentary progress in endometriosis
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Cutting SRC-1 down to size in endometriosis

Dr. Yuri Park got 2nd place for the research presentation in the 2021 KSEA West Gulf Coast Regional Conference for her Natural Product-Mediated Nonhormonal Therapy for endometriosis. 

Dr. Monica J Chung got the research award in 2022 Pacific Coast Reproductive Society (PCRS) for her endometriosis-associated angiogenesis project.

Monica paper.jpg

Dr. Yuri Park's oleuropein paper (2022) was advertised
at Baylor College of Medicine and BRIC.


Yuri's paper has been posted on the NICHD website.

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